O César o nada

O César o nada, its all or nothing. O César

o nada, I must tell you something — O César o

nada — nothing or all, o César o nada, I shall not

fall, o O César o nada, you and me — what will be is shall

and meant to be, o O César o nada, we shall again meet — as

Fernando and Isabel united Spain, and Isabel de Portugal served

regent for her emperador, I know again we’ll be against the rocky

shores, as like ours, both unions were abandoned for awhile, before

either relationship truly begun, we were already together once, twice, you

and I are already twelve steps ahead — just stop it now, don’t be afraid– O César

o nada, my love. Come back, for O César o nada, we are each other’s destiny, O

César o nada, its you and me, O César o nada, where fate soon leads. O César o

nada, I’ve done my best, O César o nada, ritorna, come back, show me something

built to last. O César o nada, I am yours, and you are mine, O César o nada, you’re a

lready here, showing yourself all in due time. O César o nada, I let you and trust in

God to lead, O César o nada, us back together, tanto monta, monta tanto, our destiny. O

César o nada, you can run, but you can’t escape the fates. O César o nada, don’t

forget, dear one, not all is left to God, but given to man for his role to play. O César o

nada, time your time, get ready. O César o nada, I know your heart is full and heavy, but

O César o nada — the most precious thing we’re losing is time. O César o nada — call or

text me now, O César o nada, no one games — again let I be yours, and you be mine.

O César o nada — we cannot turn back the hands of time. O César o nada — but

we can begin, O César o nada, be in the present, be not afraid, for I was and am

always yours, and you were and are always mine. O César o nada, O César o nada,

O César o nada, O César o nada — let us reunite, happy and mature, creating our

future tanto monta, monta tanto — all in God’s time.

  • Julia St. Clair, ©2017, 11:49 AM

“O Cesar o nada.”

  • Isabel de Portugal, Carlos Rey Emperador

Literally translation is, “it’s Caesar or nothing.” She uttered this line to her father, Manuel I of Portugal, upon learning that Charles V rejected a marriage proposal to her. Rather than give up, she makes her point clear that she will marry him, no matter how long it takes.

Therefore, it means, “its all or nothing,” and this is the motto I live by in life for everything– work, friendship, love life (or lack of at the moment), family, etc. Trust is a two way street; you can’t be half there for somebody. Passion is also a two way street, since if you pursue something not fully, you’ll never make it there. So I say unto you, make life its all or nothing. Don’t talk about doing things, just do them (good things, I mean, not scary ones, if that’s the case I would go to the doctor asap).  O cesar o nada, o solo mio, it’s all or nothing, it’s now or never. Just be yourself and be you now.

*Cesare Borgia also said, “It’s all or nothing,” in history in Latin, “aut Caesar aut nihil.” This was his personal motto, signaling his desire to become Emperor.