Some News

Exactly 1 year, 3 months, and 3 days to the day from graduating, I finally got an offer for a full-time job. I’m still working at my alma mata, but in a different department and in the Financial District of New York City. It’s a lot of writing (including interviewing!), which is right up my alley, and also database and repository system maintenance, which is what I do in my current position and started in my previous ones from when I was a student worker. Words alone cannot describe how grateful and wonderful I feel inside. Like yes, finalmente, I did it!

I start the life of a city commuter, something some have warned me about but I always dreamed of, after Labor Day. I also gave my notice to my bosses after finding out; its a bittersweet feeling. While I’m happy to at last go full-time and begin my career writing and downtown, I’ll miss everyone in the Westchester office and working in HR. I literally grew up in this department, starting off as a doe-eyed student transforming into the successful woman I am today. Plus its been an amazing, positive, and inspiring environment, both in Briarcliff and Valhalla. Lucky for myself and my co-workers, we’ll still be in touch, both as I transition into this full-time role and become benefits eligible (you bet I’m going back to school to get my master’s as soon as I can!) and as we become/remain “cubicle mates,” since some of my co-workers also commute into the city on certain days (and some are there full-time), and the HR area is right next to all the Alumni Relations departments.

For the next two weeks, I’m continuing my normal work, and also getting together as much information as I can for my successor. I’ll also begin cleaning up, which is funny how I’m downsizing for my moving into a new home and now also moving into a new job, and enjoying the last few Mondays I have off.

Remember, it’s not the end — its only the beginning.



Rocks against cast irons, subway

stations filled with being from

top to floor, exiting on past the

platform, reaching for above, light,

air, the buildings touched by angels,

heaven galore. How could humans

makes things such as these?

  • Julia St. Clair, ©2017

    *Image from Google Image search

I Just Applied for a Reality Show

And I have absolutely no regrets. I took a course called “The Invasion of Reality Television” in my sophomore year of college, and after learning the ins and outs of the business thought I’d never venture into that field. Until now.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a model. I was even obsessed with America’s Next Top Model. While the thought of getting a surprise makeover and all one’s hair chopped off scared most girls, I was fascinated by it. However, due to dental problems I had as a preteen and a relationship in my teen years that was too serious for its time, I never pursued my dreams. Even knowing what I know about the reality tv business, ANTM was one show I knew I had to be a part of. However, when CW cancelled the show, I thought it was over. My dream was ruined. Well, not ruined per say, but I’d never get the oppurtunity for the world to watch me pursue it. Until a few hours ago.

I got an email from Project Casting that there’s an open casting call for a new cycle of ANTM. Huh? Turns out vH1 is picking up the series, and they’re filming in New York. After having a particularly rough week, my heart sank. Could this be a sign for my dreams to finally be coming true? Despite my reservations, even knowing that if I’m chosen I’ll be bound under contract to keep my mouth shut and allow the network to alter my image in any way, its a chance I’m willing to take. I submitted, following the guidelines the posting set. And even if I don’t hear back, I feel happy and proud of myself for having at least tried.