What’s Meant to Be…

…it will, shall be, no matter the length

of time passing between you and

me. Stop dragging your feet, do not

fear — touch, reach out– I promise —

I am here; I bear no ill will, am holding

no grudge. The past is dead, finished, gone —

done. Years down the drain, keep calm — its

time to move on, and cast all anxiety aside. Pick

up the phone and call, what must you lose! We

already lost so much time. But descandsar

rest — I promise as we reunite, we’ll get by — for

what’s meant to be is..shall..will be…for what’s

meant to be is you — you and me.

  • Julia St. Clair, ©2017

    *Image from #StayQuotable via Google Image search


How to Make a Great First Impression

Whether its for a job interview, going on a date, girls’ night, family/friend gathering, or meeting the parents of your S.O., chances are you want to look good and make a good impression, especially if you’re making someone/certain people for the first time or in a long time. Here are a few quick tips to look and feel great, and make those you interact with feel awesome around you, too!

5.) Dress well.

Make sure to dress for the part. For example, if you’re going on a job interview, keep it business attire or business causal, depending on the atmosphere of the company you’re interviewing at. If its a date, be dressy, yet causal. You want to look nice, but not show up in a ballgown. Same rule applies for making the parents for the first time, along with going to a gathering. You want to be comfortable, but you can’t show up and make a good first impression in pajamas — wait till they know you well before you do that!


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4.) Use an appropriate amount of accessories.

Accessorizing can enrich or devalue a look; makes sure you never do the latter. We might love our 200+ bracelets on each arm, but it might be too much when we meet someone for the first time. Downside to a good 1-3 that you like the most and take it from there. Top that with one pair of earrings, one necklace, and an optional ring. Congratulations! You’re officially on the road for being dressed to success 🙂


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3) Be polite.

This is very important. Of course you’re going to be nice at an interview or on a date. Yet let’s say you meet the parents, and one of them doesn’t like you. What if you’re at a party, and some of the new people you meet happen to be not so nice. What if your date goes wrong and you’re stuck with a doof. Two words, dearies — don’t panic. Don’t be fake, but don’t be overly nice either — be polite. It shows you’re capable and mature, setting an example for anyone who might be watching. When it’s over, you never have to see some of the people again (you’re done with that date for good) or maybe on occasion. Even so, you’ve mastered the art of remaining calm, and that’s much better than giving into anger and negativity.


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2.) Kickstart some awesome convos.

Some people love to initiate discussions; others would rather curl up in a corner and be totally cool with that. However, making a good impression requires you to sometimes jump into, or step out, of your comfort zone. Engage in conversation. Be a beacon of positivity and light. Impress your interviewer by describing your dream of working at the company and mention their background when they ask you why you want to work there. It shows your passion and that you did your homework before coming there. Compliment your S.O.’s mother on that beautiful scarf. Someone at the party say they have an aunt in Rhode Island? Your aunt lives there, too, try mentioning that. You’d be surprised how much we all have in common with one another. This is a guaranteed way to success. And if you don’t get the job or didn’t impress Mama 100%? Doesn’t matter — you put yourself out there, and that’s something a lot of people aren’t capable of.

Which brings us to numero uno…

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1.) Be yourself.

The easiest step of them all. Just be you — don’t try to be someone or something you’re not. A pure heart attracts pure results — simple as that. A lot of people never have the courage to do this, and mask themselves with other people since they don’t know who they truly are. You’re above and beyond this, and it will lead you very far in life. Who knows, maybe it’ll bring you and your date closer together, they might be your true love, or it could show the person interviewing you “we need someone as great as this to work here.” Simple, said, done — just be you, and the world is yours.

via Daily Prompt: Impression