What’s Meant to Be…

…it will, shall be, no matter the length

of time passing between you and

me. Stop dragging your feet, do not

fear — touch, reach out– I promise —

I am here; I bear no ill will, am holding

no grudge. The past is dead, finished, gone —

done. Years down the drain, keep calm — its

time to move on, and cast all anxiety aside. Pick

up the phone and call, what must you lose! We

already lost so much time. But descandsar

rest — I promise as we reunite, we’ll get by — for

what’s meant to be is..shall..will be…for what’s

meant to be is you — you and me.

  • Julia St. Clair, ยฉ2017

    *Image from #StayQuotable via Google Image search


Positivity & Light: A Lesson in Peace

Buona giornata a tutti! The past week’s been very busy, bringing many points to light as the changes keep piling on. One thing that drives us all a little “insane” is the anxiety and anticipation towards what we’re trying to manifest. Whether it’s a phone call, job, home, even just for that restaurant you can never get a table at to take you just once, we can get caught up in the thought and visualizing so much that we have no inner peace. Hens, it delays the process from moving forward because, while we’re open, but constantly thinking and worrying, we’re blocked.

On Sunday, I watched Doreen Virtue’s weekly video and a lot of her words and messages for the week spoke to me, especially one in particular. That one pertained to constant worrying about something. While we master our lives, God (or the universe, depending on your beliefs) gives us what we need 1.) when we need it and 2.) at the right place and time. Therefore, the constant thinking throws us off course and off alignment. After taking this in, I realized that we all need to focus on an important virtue we use for everyone but ourselves — peace. Give your worries up to God/the universe, meditate, and move on. Go about your daily life without obsessing over the future; by living in the moment, we trying are open, willing, and ready for what’s here and what’s to come. Not to say that you’re not allowed to think about what you want, just don’t let it consume your mind. After all, even the best rock stars need a rest between albums and sets now and then. Have a blessed day and remember to always focus on the positive and embrace the beauty in being free!