Tuesday, August 1, 2017

When one must, one can. - Charlotte Whitton


Positivity & Light

Buon giorno! Hope everyone had a nice, well rested weekend and start to the last full week of May! As previously mentioned, I’ve been meditating a lot more, using the Law of Attraction to help draw in my upmost dreams and goals to finally come to fruition. I grew, and continue to grow, so much as an empath in the past several years, and feel myself feeling more and more at peace. I also am finally mastering the art of letting go, taking a week to relax and “treat” myself, while also working hard at the office, paying bills, and doing the everyday ritual.

Since starting this blog in 2015, I never pin pointed exactly what was what on it. So far, it has reflective and advice content, creative materials (prose and poetry), lists, quotes and prompts, etc. I decided to continue that, along with making a section called Positivity & Light. This will encompass real stories along my journey through life experiences, law of attraction (which I’ll abbreviate as “LoA”), prayers, meditation, and more. Hope it brings peace and comfort as the materials I use have brought and continue to bring to me!