Rocks against cast irons, subway

stations filled with being from

top to floor, exiting on past the

platform, reaching for above, light,

air, the buildings touched by angels,

heaven galore. How could humans

makes things such as these?

  • Julia St. Clair, ©2017

    *Image from Google Image search

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The Feathered Quill

Mi carina Antonia,

How fortune honors me so that you, blood of my blood, continue to communicate with me. The hours drag on, making the days, weeks, months longer, thus further draining the life from me. But fret not, my little one — the work goes on, thanks to you and my beloved. Words alone cannot express the song which leapt within my heart upon hearing of your vows, and the name which you took. How my youngest honors her and me so, she who might’ve been your mother in another life. But alas, dear one, we are stuck in this one, clinging to ourselves hopelessly until we can make it closer to God. Thus, as I feel myself getting closer to the end of my work, I feel the wings of Paradise calling me closer, whispering. Dear son — its time to come home.

Do not cry nor fear nor fret over my memory when I’m gone. God shines upon our house in great ways. Sweet dreams, mi carina Antonio, sorella Beatrice. I shine upon you in life, and shall watch over you at the time which I ascend.

Your loving father,


“Signore Alighieri!,” the voice called out. “Mi signore! Sir!”

He put the quill down scrolling a signature, pausing to cough before pouring the wax over it. The man entered his room in a hurry.

“Here,” he demanded, holding the letter out to him. “Bring this letter into the city to the Convent of Santa Croce to Sister Beatrice.”

He held the letter out, the man hesitating to deliver it.

“Signore, I respect you dearly, though I’ve come to be your jailer, I now you are a prisoner through no fault of your own. But if His Holiness’s spies catch me anywhere near the city…”

“‘His Holiness’ will have far more to worry about in the coming months,” he sniped. “And I care not. It’s a letter to my daughter. My only daughter. She’s a nun, sworn to God. I don’t know if I can write much longer while on earth, I want her to know I approve of her choice in her life, God’s choice.”

The man lowered his face, being sympatric to his master’s cause. He takes the letter and prepares to go, and the other sits down rather weakly, taking his quill out.

“Mi signore?” he asks hesitantly. “Where will you go, when this is all over?”

He points his quill towards the sky with a smile. The man returns one from him as well.

“E il papa? Where will he?”

His smile transforming into a sly smirk, as the quill graces across the animal skin sheets. Just then, he turns the hundreds of pages over, signing straight at the top —

La Divina Comedia


Part I: L’Interno

Una vita alla traccia

Una vita alla traccia — a life

to trace, born and bred of this

the human race, and for all to see, to

hear, to grin, to bear, to rise high and

fall so low, there are tales to be told

of those who kept the most precious

gift — they never lost hope.


Buff-a-dub-dub, three hands

in a tub — scrubbing the grim away

in vain effortlessly to show the surface,

to make her clean. Buff-a-dub-dub — embers

glow in the tub as the dark, sticky

covering was erased. Buff-a-dub-dub — true

light, true hope, true love radiates forth from

the tub, detonating a glow that renews and

refreshes her face — she is at peace.

Radiate the light

Radiate the light

between    behind   your eyes,

Shine a light, batter the lashes bright as

twinkle     twinkle   little   stars,  as I

wonder what you are     where you are   how

you are    its been so long, yet feels so right

every time I recall your smile, your eyes —

how you were always able to shine a light,

radiated by the glow in the amber of your eyes

the sweet     tender     softness of those eyes.


Detonate the passions filling

our hearts and minds, the trials, the

hunger to reunite with our own

kind, kind in such a way unthinkable —

not my creed nor religion nor race — kind

as in the qualities in our souls which are

baptized by saving grace, detonate the mind,

explore our kind, reunite twin flames, for the

connection never dies.

Positivity & Light

Buon giorno! Hope everyone had a nice, well rested weekend and start to the last full week of May! As previously mentioned, I’ve been meditating a lot more, using the Law of Attraction to help draw in my upmost dreams and goals to finally come to fruition. I grew, and continue to grow, so much as an empath in the past several years, and feel myself feeling more and more at peace. I also am finally mastering the art of letting go, taking a week to relax and “treat” myself, while also working hard at the office, paying bills, and doing the everyday ritual.

Since starting this blog in 2015, I never pin pointed exactly what was what on it. So far, it has reflective and advice content, creative materials (prose and poetry), lists, quotes and prompts, etc. I decided to continue that, along with making a section called Positivity & Light. This will encompass real stories along my journey through life experiences, law of attraction (which I’ll abbreviate as “LoA”), prayers, meditation, and more. Hope it brings peace and comfort as the materials I use have brought and continue to bring to me!

The Power of Meditation & How It Saved Me From a Farce

Buon giorno, everyone! The past month was busy, from my vacation in Florida to preparing materials to enter into another writing contest, but its safe to say I’ll post again daily now. Don’t worry, I knocked on wood to ensure this happens.

One thing that I cultivated more in these past weeks is meditation. One of my best friends is huge on meditation, and her actually meditating on the beach while we were in Florida really inspired me. From enhancing the power of prayer to the energy within myself, I’ve been more in tune lately and am currently using law of attraction exercises to bring me my heart’s desires. It is and isn’t easy — getting into the zone is easier when you truly let go, yet truly letting go is the hard part. The reason why is because its good to use affirmations and visualize your manifestations, yet if you focus too much, it’ll cause friction since the emotions and desired outcome are too attached to one another. After trying a new technique last night, and taking action with the last contest I entered in so far in terms of manifesting my career and lifestyle goals, I’m ready to fully let go and let go. I did let go and let God, and eagerly wait the desired outcome while surrendering my will to the higher power of the universe.

Speaking of God, the universe, or whatever you wish to call it (I use both interchangeably, along with Jesus, Mary, and specific saints since I identify as an open-minded Catholic and call for ancestors on occasion, too), its amazing how the higher power is always looking out for us. The first time I felt the strength and didn’t know it, I was driving and felt something have me take force of my steering wheel and go into the other lane without hesitation. I realized why five minutes later when the car in the other lane nearly collided with the one behind me, who was now parallel to them. The moment of awe, wonder, and “thank you, God” set in as I made it safely to class three years ago. Someone was watching over me and ensured my safety while on the road.

That same moment came to me five nights ago, but I wasn’t on the road traveling; I was in my own house. After a long day of working hard on my General Hospital spec script to submit to the Disney/ABC Writing Program and attempted realization in between, I finally took at break. It was after 10:00 pm, and I went to browse my phone when I noticed I had a missed call. I clicked and saw that 1.) the call was actually from the night before at 12:38 am and 2.) it was a number I didn’t recognize, yet it had my county’s area code. When this happens, its usually a telemarketer or a recruiter. Why a recruiter would call someone after midnight I don’t know, but I have had them message me at 1 am before, and always for, pardon my tongue, bull shit jobs that its obvious I don’t want since I put specifically on my requests “no sales position inquiries.” So I Google the number, as I always do when I receive a call from one I don’t recognize, and I was in shock by what popped up — it was the home number of someone who screwed me over in the past. Her parents’ info came right up; I was shook.

Out of respect, I won’t provide any details other than this person was a horrible friend and was my then-boyfriend’s mistress for the last 10 months of our relationship before I left for the final time and she officially replaced me. My mind might sound biased, but even before all that happened, I knew in my gut she was a bad person because of the things she’d say and do to people. However, I like to see the best in people and hoped it wasn’t true. It took all that plus her throwing her sins onto me and getting people to believe them to fully rip my eyes open. As one of my friends who has an amazing sixth sense said upon meeting her one time, this person is “soulless,” giving off nothing but the worst aura imaginable. That’s why God had me miss that phone call — to protect me from whatever mind games she wanted to play, despite the fact that five years came and went, and she got exactly what she wanted. The last time she bothered me four years ago, and she did it very sneaky since she makes people snap at her and pretends to be the victim, I fell right into her trap and the outcome was not good. I don’t know why she’d call me, but I do know she used that number because she knows I wouldn’t answer if she did on her cell phone. Yet her outcome of causing a farce was not achieved; mine of meditating that night and working hard the following day was, and I didn’t even notice her sad attempt until later.

How did I handle it? Through wisdom — the wisdom I acquired and continue to over the years guided me to block the number to ensure it would never happen again. This is a far cry from the girl I was years ago, who would’ve fallen into the trap of calling back and getting all worked up. As much as I would’ve loved to finally have told her like it is, its not worth it. Her energy is so dark and negative that it would cause nothing but pain, pain I left behind so long ago. I don’t wish her well, and I don’t wish her luck; I forgive her for stealing my life years ago and hope karma does her the justice she deserves, if it hasn’t already.

After blocking the number, I got on my knees and thanked God. I haven’t gotten what I want just yet, but I did prevent myself from dealing with something, someone, that was nothing but wrong. Never underestimated God, the universe, whatever you want to call your deity’s power; True Light only wants what’s best for you.

Have a blessed day and nothing but peaceful energy and vibes 🙂 !

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