South Pool Run In

This day today I saw your face

and beheld your tender heart. My

heart leapt up forth as your head came

in view of my eyes, and inserted myself

into the fold. I observed up close, high, low,

up, and down, questioning if it could really be.

How you looked the same since the day we met,

and years later bore the same scent, I smiled and

you smiled back at me. My further beat more when

I heard you conversing, speaking in your mother tongue–

I’m so proud you’re engaged with who you are. Yet as you

left, camera in hand, I turned my face towards the water

flowing swiftly down the drain, behind my Lennon glasses

making an agonizing face. Surely on this day, seeing each

other was meant to be. A constant reminder of how one

holds the lock to the other’s key; you aesthetically stayed

the same; I changed my hair, clothes, perhaps even face

— you didn’t know my name.


  • Julia St. Clair, ยฉ 2017, 1:51 p.m.