Friday, July 28, 2017

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. - Charles Dickens


Thought for the Day

Be grateful and appreciate the present and being in the now.

  • JST.C, 7/26/2017, 3:24PM EST

Thought for the Day

Everything works out in the long run, even if we can’t see it now.
– JST.C, 7/19/2017, 4:41EST

Always Have Hope

“Where there is life, there is hope.”

  • Stephen Hawking

Life is like a wheel — we get praised, we get torn. Opportunities arise, existing or possible ventures fail. People are born, and people die — but not just people — also ideas, relationships, cycles, etc. No one is blessed more than the other, and no one is damned or cursed — this is life, and everyone has to deal with it.

I’m a positive person — I always look on the bright side of things, and try my best not to complain. I never used to be like this, my former motto being “expect the best, but prepare for the worse,” and never being appreciate or thankful for the opportunities and blessings that came my way. Since becoming more spiritual about a year ago and using the law of attraction during these past few months, that view shifted, and all for the good. However, having a positive outlook on things doesn’t shield anyone from the bad times. Its like taking the subway in Manhattan if you live or work there — we all go through it, whether its liked or not. Therefore, being positive doesn’t shield us when fortune’s wheel takes us low; but it does change the outcome.

I’ve been attempting to manifest three things, and I won’t reveal two out of the three on here since they’re highly sensitive and personal. But the one I do talk about a lot is my career one — to begin working in a writing position and/or/eventually in the television, film, and/or publishing industries in Manhattan full-time. Things are coming to fruition — I had an official interview the other day, and two informationals. While I’m both happy and grateful, I learned a lot during the informationals that has me thinking about my priorities. Despite being part-time, my job is very flexible. I work in a wonderful environment with great people and an easy commute. I never realized how blessed I am until recently, and as ready as I am to make a shift, I’m finally realizing how much I have to be grateful for right now.

It has me calm in the midst of a setback with Manifestation #1, which I can’t reveal, but will say things were in fruition; not in the process of, they were going, in fact moving sooner than I expected. And then yesterday, during a really good day, I discover that, “kaboom! — there goes the dynamite!.” Its a two part process, and the two parts were in sync; one is kaput, the other in limbo. While still heartbroken, I can remain optimistic and hopeful, trusting in God’s plan that things happen for a reason, and something better is coming. Yet my family does not. My family looks at the negative in every point and event in life. They view us as predestined as cursed, blaming karma for our misfortune. Yet my family are blinded to the fact that we are good people who did nothing to deserve it; it would truly be karma if we did something wrong. Therefore, they view me as an outcast for being in a positive state of mind, and I can’t blame them; I refuse to knock myself down, and know I am in the right. However, most people in our world shares my family’s attitude of when things go wrong — we’re trapped! we’re predestined! we’re cursed! there is no hope. there is no god. Because they keep themselves in this mind frame, they close themselves off from all the blessings that are waiting to happen. I tried to help them see the light many a times, but its no use; I’m not giving up on myself, but I’m distancing myself from negativity. Its not that God doesn’t exist; He does — God is real, and God only helps those who helps themselves.

Number 3 is a different story altogether — I felt it coming, but couldn’t let go. Now I let go — and God can do with it whatever he wants. I won’t be heartbroken if it doesn’t happen anymore, and am trusting solely and firming in God. Que sara, sara — whatever will be, will be. There is a time and there is a season for every purpose in heaven. Perhaps the time and purpose is not now, but shall be later on. Perhaps now — perhaps never. Perhaps its another pointer I used to hate considering. Either way, I let go, and I trust God and the universe to do with it what they will. Everything works out in the long run — even if it takes awhile for us to see. As long as we have hope and are with God, then nothing or no one can come against us, no matter how good or bad a situation is or may become.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Thought for the Day

There is always someone, something, to be grateful for. Always.

  • JST.C, 7/12/2017, 10:33 A.M. EST

The Feathered Quill

Mi carina Antonia,

How fortune honors me so that you, blood of my blood, continue to communicate with me. The hours drag on, making the days, weeks, months longer, thus further draining the life from me. But fret not, my little one — the work goes on, thanks to you and my beloved. Words alone cannot express the song which leapt within my heart upon hearing of your vows, and the name which you took. How my youngest honors her and me so, she who might’ve been your mother in another life. But alas, dear one, we are stuck in this one, clinging to ourselves hopelessly until we can make it closer to God. Thus, as I feel myself getting closer to the end of my work, I feel the wings of Paradise calling me closer, whispering. Dear son — its time to come home.

Do not cry nor fear nor fret over my memory when I’m gone. God shines upon our house in great ways. Sweet dreams, mi carina Antonio, sorella Beatrice. I shine upon you in life, and shall watch over you at the time which I ascend.

Your loving father,


“Signore Alighieri!,” the voice called out. “Mi signore! Sir!”

He put the quill down scrolling a signature, pausing to cough before pouring the wax over it. The man entered his room in a hurry.

“Here,” he demanded, holding the letter out to him. “Bring this letter into the city to the Convent of Santa Croce to Sister Beatrice.”

He held the letter out, the man hesitating to deliver it.

“Signore, I respect you dearly, though I’ve come to be your jailer, I now you are a prisoner through no fault of your own. But if His Holiness’s spies catch me anywhere near the city…”

“‘His Holiness’ will have far more to worry about in the coming months,” he sniped. “And I care not. It’s a letter to my daughter. My only daughter. She’s a nun, sworn to God. I don’t know if I can write much longer while on earth, I want her to know I approve of her choice in her life, God’s choice.”

The man lowered his face, being sympatric to his master’s cause. He takes the letter and prepares to go, and the other sits down rather weakly, taking his quill out.

“Mi signore?” he asks hesitantly. “Where will you go, when this is all over?”

He points his quill towards the sky with a smile. The man returns one from him as well.

“E il papa? Where will he?”

His smile transforming into a sly smirk, as the quill graces across the animal skin sheets. Just then, he turns the hundreds of pages over, signing straight at the top —

La Divina Comedia


Part I: L’Interno